Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sektor & Vitality split 7 inch

Recently I obtained  two other versions of the legendary Sektor and Vitality split 7 inch. This split has the rawer unpolished version of the song 'The Crypts Of Darkness' with the intro that screams "Trust no one in the crypts of darkness...". And the song 'The Struggle' that is only on this release. The Vitality songs on this 7 inch are quite essential, if not the most essential songs of the band to date.

The yellow covers with brown vinyl were the earliest sold versions. I found this one in Germany, so probably one sold on their European tour. I have heard that the glue pocket covers weren't ready for the European tour and that the yellow and orange paper covers were printed to rectify this and to be able to have a tour version with a cover.
Later when the blue (glue pocket) covers were ready they started to sell these with the remaining black and second press clear vinyl. Discogs states the clear versions are second press out of 500. But five hundred copies seems wild for the clear version it think there are way less than this, since these are the hardest to find ones. Secondly since black vinyl copies were also found with the yellow and orange paper covers that were made for the tour, we can conclude that these were also first press. So far the pressing info of the release. There are also two different insert, small and big letter format. Initially I thought the letter formats were for the copied sleeves but that doesn't hold up since there are also big letter inserts found with the glue pocket sleeves, so these must be the remaining inserts.

So to sum it all up chronologically:

1.       brown and black vinyl pressed in the first pressing
1.       they made the big letter sized inserts
2.       sleeves weren't ready so they copied the sleeves on yellow and orange paper cover that fold open
3.       brown vinyl sold with yellow and orange covers and big inserts on tour
4.       when the blue glue pocket sleeves where ready, the sold the remaining black vinyl with those sleeves and with big inserts

2.       clear vinyl pressed for the second pressing
1.       clear vinyl copies sold with the blue glue pocket sleeves only
2.       when the big letter sized inserts were sold out, they made new smaller inserts to sell with the last copies

If someone thinks differently, please speak out...

brown vinyl, yellow sleeve

brown vinyl, orange sleeve

Monday, November 27, 2017

Congress & Liar Test Press

The test press of the Liar and Congress split 7 inch. Had to give up quite a lot to get my hands on this, through an Instagram deal. Also got some other records in the trade. The record was made for the H8000 Fest in 2002. And is actually one of the most logical splits on earth in my opinion. Despite differences and competition they are the two foremost defenders of H8000 Hardcore. And both represent the H8000 Crew equally as much. Also their lifespan is almost equal, Congress started 3 years earlier but then Liar ended a bit later.

Although their music is labelled differently. Congress' music is called "Edge-Metal", also a term introduced by their label, Good Life Recordings. While Liar's music is called "Death To False Metal" on their first CD release, also on Good Life Recordings (see coming post for further details).

Congress & Liar split 7 inch test pressing

test pressing close up

Great split release from which the regular copies are hand numbered out of 500 copies. This is the test press from which I have no clue of how much were made, 7 people own this (according to So this gives a hint but nothing is certain.

The cover is a reference to Congress, Josh told me he watched lots of vampire films. There is also a reference to this on the b-side label of the 'Euridium' 7 inch. See the photo beneath:

Also the comic cover of the Euridium 7 inch has Josh Fury associated with Dracula, the bat wings...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hazen Street LP green

Hazen Street is a small project of Madball and H2O members, together with Mackie Jayson. Who played in Cro-Mags (Age Of Quarrel line-up) and The Icemen. A New York Hardcore supergroup filled with famous people, formed in 2004.
The music reminds me of CIV and Gorilla Biscuits. It's a more punk rock sounding delivery mixed with Hip Hop. There are also real Hip Hop parts. All in all less good than you might expect it to be. They just had some fun jamming together and this became their output.
The full length was formerly only available on a compact disc and is only recently available on vinyl.
The band's name is taken from a street name in Queens, New York.

Clear green with white swirls vinyl

There are other colours pressed also:

75 Black
40 Mint ink Silk-screened sleeve
40 Silver ink Silk-screened sleeve
20 Hall Of Fame/Silver/Silk-screened sleeve
20 Hall Of Fame/Mint/Silk-screened sleeve
150 Mint Green vinyl/regular sleeve
140 Green and White vinyl/regular sleeve
140 clear Gold vinyl/regular sleeve (Core-Tex Exclusive)

No need to get any of the other versions, as I don't really like what I have heard on this record. Sounds a bit too soft and I have missed the bite and groove.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Building / Up Front split 7 inch

Those who check my Instagram (@willem.rwhaf) already know what this is about. It's about the Building / Up Front split 7 inch. The coloured versions of this release have lots of colour variation that's for sure. But also lots of uncertainty exists about what actually exists and how many actually are pressed by Sober Mind Records. But that is the general law when you collect rare 90's vinyl. It's keeps it interesting and always surprising.

Always difficult too, when a split release has two front covers or at least no obvious distinction between the two. Although this one says "split 7 inch" beneath the Building logo, so this little detail makes it clear. Although I have a tendency to see the Up Front side as front cover because it's actually more recognisable what is pictured than the blur of the Building side.

My copies are both translucent but differ from each other, one is clear pink and the other is clear purple. It only becomes clear that they differ when they are put next to each other.

Please check @boogie8700 on Instagram also, he got pressing info from the label, first hand after the release show, in 1998. This is most likely the closest we can get to the truth. There are opaque blue, opaque grey and clear copies. As we can see in his history. But also the limited cover, inspired from the Judge "New York Crew" 7 inch on Schism Records.

Monday, November 6, 2017

No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Raw Deal demo was in it's earliest form a cassette only release. Somewhere in the middle of previous decade Dead Serious Records from Germany pressed the tracks onto a 7 inch to be sold within a box set and some separately. Now the band has self-released this demo on a 12 inch. There are three colours pressed, this is the most common but best looking version, grey vinyl.

Raw Deal demo LP grey vinyl
The record has got some cool live photo's on the back side and on the printed inner sleeve.

Killing Time "Brightside" LP yellow vinyl
Next record is the first Killing Time LP, called "Brightside". Apart from a release on Lost And Found, this record hasn't been pressed on vinyl since it was originally released by In-Effect Records way back in 1989. I had never heard this title before, so this added extra magic to receiving these. Sounds good, not too complexly written, simple but effective, as is most New York Hardcore.

Yellow vinyl /800
Grey vinyl /800

And I have to say, I am happy to have the copies that look best, didn't care about the limitation of these. Those more limited copies look way less good than these. Yellow vinyl to match the lettering and grey marbled to match the entire cover of the demo LP.