Thursday, December 14, 2017

Liar "Invictus" reissued soon

Liar's "Invictus" release is one of the milestones that helped define the H8000 Hardcore scene. Both on musical level and message that they wanted to bring. Musically they brought straight forward metal, not overly complex but still they managed to keep it interesting, in every song at every moment. Josh Fury was definitely reaching one of his peaks in song writing. The militant Straight-Edge lyrics, written by Hans, are in the mind and in the hearts of every person that witnessed them live, way back in 1997. Who can not sing these along? Bert the drummer is drumming these songs fiercely and precise, UxJx laying down the bass lines. This record has no flaws and is Liar at their best.

Good news is that, after being out of press on vinyl for nearly 20 years, this classic will soon be re-released by FX7 Records. You can can pre-order it from their store, there are only 100 copies on white 180 grams vinyl, the rest will be regular weight black vinyl.

Follow this link to the FX7 Records webstore:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dead Stop s/t 7 inch

Dead Stop is a Belgian Hardcore band that plays another style than what Belgium is mainly known for. They play fast and pissed old school hardcore punk and care about almost nothing. The record was made by Reflex and Wolfpack originally. That label reissued some American Hardcore classics, in the same genre of music. But this is a repress or a USA-press that was made two years later on the American label Six Feet Under Records. If you like Antidote, Negative Approach and The Abused mixed with United Blood era Agnostic Front you should get this.

dead stop six feet under records belgian flaf pre order
acetate cover with silk screened Belgian flag out of 118 copies (source: label website)
In earlier times I liked this record more than I now do. It gave me that feeling of mayhem. And reminded me of the early American 80's but with more hate and less morality. Although that I am lesser into that style nowadays, it didn't stop me from buying this rarer version of the release.
It's the acetate cover with a silk screened Belgian flag cover behind it, what gives a great effect. It's a hard record to photograph, certainly after sunset. Copies were sent out in pre-orders way back in 2004.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Strange New World

The newest release by the Belgian band xHeartfeltx is called "Strange New World". It's released on a collectible cassette by Bound By Modern Age Records from Germany. It's this tape that is going to be reviewed.

xHeartfeltx is a band that has members of Devour and Titan, both bands consist out of people that lived through the 90's or at least have knowledge the great musical history of that decade. It's plain and simple, that music and culture flows through our veins and it has become a part of who we are. So I can relate with them also, to an extent.

xHeartfeltx cassette, hand numbered out of 50 copies

Here is what the cover and music inspired me to write:
The title "Strange New World" is so correctly chosen for the times we live in. It's pretty far from a brave new world. People like us think ethically and critically about the world surrounding us. And we witness a partial decay. It's like every settled value is fought nowadays. And when you fight it back effectively it looks like it's getting even worse. Fear and distrust is what cripples our society. Individualistic gain is what drives people. All that's left of local nature is under pressure because we fear our society would decay if we don't let the economy grow. Military budgets increased to fight terrorism. All this and far more is witnessed by people who think deeply before they do something, but do not think too much because it's truly a strange new world.
Musically the title track is truly awesome. You should check it out at their bandcamp and buy an mp3, CD or tape from them.

xHeartfeltx bandcamp
bound by modern age webstore
mark my words webstore