Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Titan & Witness The Fall collection

With the order of this black version of the Witness The Fall and Titan split, I completed the collection. I already posted the three other versions in three separate posts. So here is what the collection for a mortal soul (without test press) looks like:

Titan & Witness The Fall split: covers

Titan & Witness The Fall split: covers and vinyl
70 on red with red screened cover
63 on blue with blue screened cover
60 on black with black screened cover
23 on black with tri-coloured and glittered cover


Hand screened covers by Aaron of Witness The Fall. Ordered another record from Bound By Modern Age as well, Servitude 7 inch, this one is coming up next.

Friday, January 26, 2018

RWHAF history and mission declarations

Ten years ago, I started something I couldn't finish. I started this website as a quick tool to do two simple things. First mission was to communicate and easily publish about my record collecting. I collect records and listen to Hardcore music since 1996. But to actively write and publish about it has started with this blog. Soon after that second mission became bringing this to a broader and more inclusive level for the readers and influence the (local) scene. To create an output from which the entire readership could learn and become enthusiastic.

Back then it wasn't the platform like Facebook and Instagram that created the readership easily. I had to do everything myself like actively promoting my site on other sites and in newsletters. I didn't do a lot a web design but I did change the layout of this blog actively and added some modules to make it more interesting and interactive. I had to do everything myself.

This site also received heaps of hate and criticism in the start but also lots of love and interest of others. The idea to actively start documenting music also had the idea of documenting the local (H8000) scene in it's wake. I was the first to start writing and publishing about the matter. And also the first to start doing interviews about the entire 'history' of H8000 bands. Although these bands are not completely history or dead. But it will never be the same again. This under the influence of Good Life and H8000 Central also.
So came the third mission and that was to pro-actively start documenting and spreading the history in tangible publications. But that soon seemed a bridge too far. Publishers were ripping people off and and I soon felt abused and no longer free to do it at my pace and goodwill.

So now there is a rebirth of the old and regular blog and it still has all it's entries over the years in it's baggage. I am sure that the superficial Instagram follow-up generation will also reach it's end soon. As they are dragged in the Facebook downfall. More and more people start to distrust it and ask questions about the health and use of social media. All in all Instagram is a subdivision of Facebook and no matter under what nickname you post it's connected to your Facebook, so big brother still watches...

Watch out for more posts to come in the future! Stay tuned for the real deal!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Liar "Invictus" Remaster

Last year, before the end of it, FX7 Records released the reissue of Liar "Invictus" LP. As I already mentioned "Invictus" is a milestone for the H8000 scene and beyond. The records was remastered by Midas Studio. The same studio as for the original mix. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by the result of that remastering. Hard to describe what makes it sound different. The songs are hard and so well written by Josh, that the fury of this recording is well-received. And this remaster further enhances this listening pleasure, as it sounds less raw, harsh and more polished. I know that as a diehard H8000 fan, who lived through the 90's, it would supposedly be the original mastering that's preferred. But this one is not bad at all. The vocals also polished to an extent, it makes them sound less harsh.

For the limited edition, the packaging is top notch, less is more all the way. FX7 Records screened the sleeves themselves. And let press the record on white 180 grams vinyl. There is a stamp on the centre label in red ink as you can see from the picture:

The limited version was called "Die Hard Edition". If you are interested in checking out the remastered version, you can still do that, as there is a regular black version pressed also with a regular cover.

Go to the FX7 store to buy it: http://fx7.bigcartel.com/

With all of this comes a sheet with the story of the making of this record. It has some interesting facts, but I am sure that all the songs were not written in a month as the sheet states. It also has the mentioning of collectors, that they said that the original is only a 300 pressed. And that makes them pretty rare. So this was a motive to let them be pressed again. And made back available for a while.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Opaque Blue Sky

I can't believe I am discovering another colour of this 45. I am buying records from Good Life Recordings since 1997 and still I am discovering titles and colour variations. This time I found an opaque blue version of the Dead Blue Sky 7 inch. Previously I thought there were only two colours of this, black and clear blue. And before this I only knew of that clear blue.

Dead Blue Sky "Reduced To A Whisper" 7 inch

solid blue opaque blue vinyl
opaque blue vinyl

Dead Blue Sky had Kevin Byers of Morning Again in the line up. On bass, if I am correct. They played emotional melodic metal with a voice straight out of purgatory. Glad to have found this rather easily in the rare section of Good Life's webstore. This colour isn't even mentioned on Discogs. In doubt whether I will be adding it to their database.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Don't Stop The Youth

Nominated by many people for record of the year. I needed to check it out. My local distro still had a coloured copy in stock, so I took it. And yes, I like it too. It's an energetic mix of trash and punk rock that unavoidably reminds me of Bad Brains, the masters of Hardcore Punk music. Globally speaking a bit fast and trashy also, so yeah, this record is approved.

Fireburn "Don't Stop The Youth" LP

Cover art looks great and colourful also. Old school and hand drawn covers still do it for me. Unfortunately there are only three songs on side A and the B-side songs are reggae songs, from which one is the dub-remix of the other.

My copy comes on green clear vinyl, mixed with black smoke, what makes it look darker.

Released by Closed Casket Activities and has some Hardcore alumni in the line up. Israel Joseph from the Bad Brains, Todd Jones from current bands like Terror and Nails, Nick Townsend and Todd Youth, a New York Hardcore legend.