Sunday, April 29, 2018

Aim For A New Tomorrow

Quite a step away from the "Element" release, is the follow up LP from the year 2000 of Firestone. It was released on Genet Records. The band had quite a few line-up changes, especially in the vocal department. This last release had Iris on vocals. A melodic female voice, was a substantial change in their sound. Also the music was written more melodic and less brutal. Although still deeply rooted in the typical edge-metal sound. A melodic edge-metal sound is what can be found in their sound at that moment.

I am not able to read the lyrics on the LP insert, far too small lettering. Luckily the lyrics in the CD booklet are printed bigger. Lyrics deal with more (inter-)personal and introspective issues. But also with religiosity as obstruction to think freely. And a song against poisons like drugs, can not be missing.

Firestone "Aim for a New Tomorrow" LP white vinyl
"Let conscience be your guide"
white vinyl, stamp numbered out of 69 copies
What is remarkable about this release is that it also features Colin in two songs. He does additional vocals the exact same way as he still does for his band AmenRa.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reconquered (Part 2)

Two Good Life Recordings titles I needed back in my collection. Of which one I thought to had lost forever. The Deathrow Earth LP with the Thor cover is one of those special Good Life Recordings releases because they didn't focus on limited editions, they only sporadically entered that game. They have written more history with the quality and the kind of the music they released and spread to a wider audience.

Liar Deathrow Earth LP Thor cover

One of my favourite limited editions ever. Because I like to compare Liar with Thor; the god of war and thunder. Musically this takes Liar to the extreme side with more technical metal. And with the arrival of Lennart in the band, they had two guitarist from that point.

The other record I needed, was the one of the last ever copies Good Life sold of the orange "The Other Cheek" LP. This one seems less rare than the black version, if you look at the quantity for sale on Discogs. So I think for this one, black is rarer. This record is the the first one with Michael in the band, so Josh could focus on more technical instead of rhythmic guitarplay. The record has the highly sought after cassette demo on it. And a radio introduction of the Blackened Persistance CD in Dutch. The back cover photo with Josh and Pierre is a time and history capsule of Congress. Why is hard to explain, I just think it tells and speaks so much. Another photograph well-done.  I would have made it bigger on the cover, so cool!

Good Life Recordings
Congress "The Other Cheek" LP orange vinyl

Monday, April 23, 2018

Reconquered (Part 1)

More than half a decade ago I wanted to get rid of a part of my 90's Belgian Hardcore collection. This was because of two reasons. First was because some important people from that scene began to vilify what I was doing. The other reason was because I was unemployed at the same moment. Two different reasons of which the last reason had the most weight.

Good news is that I had the opportunity to buy some of these again recently. And another positive aspect is that the records I was able to buy were definitely condition upgrades compared to those I sold.

First one I got is a near mint copy of the green Spirit Of Youth "Source" LP. The song of this LP were actually written during the year 1993 and recorded on tape by the guitarist Dominiek. Peter Hoeren of Crucial Response Records -their then current label- did not want to release the songs. Because they didn't fit in his concept of Straight-Edge Hardcore, too groovy and not fast enough. So the songs got abandoned and the band changed in Solid. Luckily these songs got remade and recorded with a different line up on the label Sober Mind Records! Great groovy Hardcore, less metallic than the other releases from that period.

Spirit Of Youth "Source" green vinyl

Another record I got is the purple Spineless LP called "A Talk Between Me And The Stars". This is also released by Sober Mind Records. I got this one from the main man behind Ieperfest. He invited me at his house to pick up the records, great meet up. The record is in perfect shape and I got the symbolic number 13. This is symbolic because the band had a car accident when they were abroad on tour and had to go to the hospital. Great looking clear purple vinyl numbered out of 35 with the returning classic stamp Sober Mind and Genet Records use. I should be doing a decent review about this.

Sober Mind Records
Spineless "A Talk Between Me And The Stars" LP

purple vinyl, numbered out of 35 copies

Some things were sold like a Blindfold test and the gray "Source" LP, those I will probably never ever get back. For which I feel bummed, but selling those was my own full responsibility.

And yes, there are four more titles I reconquered, these are for the next posts!