Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fire And Ice Test Press

I needed this record badly. It had been listed on for a ages. But I didn't want to buy it there because it was priced too high. It was listed for a price that only the label could ask in my opinion. So I played the waiting game. Then suddenly the "make offer" was added to the listing. So I took my chance and made an offer. The seller didn't want to accept the offer. So again a no deal.

About a year later, I looked it up again a few times.The record disappeared and reappeared several times on Discogs. And then all of sudden it was offered for a reasonable price. The price was even lower than the offer I made a year ago. So the seller must have changed his mind.

And so I quickly committed to buy the item, at last. But the story didn't end here. The seller shipped the record promptly but two months later still no arrival. I contacted the seller but he didn't answer my message. So I decided to put some pressure by opening a PayPal case. As it is the sellers responsibility to make sure the record arrived.
About five days later the seller explained what happened. The record had never crossed the Canadian border. Customs held it back because they could not read the declared value. So he retrieved the record from them. And send the item to me for the second time.

And a week later the record arrived at my doorstep. Happy ending!

Although I don't like the music that much, the cover of this test press is totally awesome. Also the stamped label and all, just perfect. The tests of this release weren't numbered by Reaper Records, but there can't be much.

Fire And Ice "Not Of This Earth" test press

Not Of This Earth test press cover


Mike said...

I love this album so much, and the test press cover is amazing.

Willem RWHAF said...

Yeah, I listened too it again this afternoon, and I like it more than I did when it came out.