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This is a blog about record collecting. The blog was founded in 2008 and is still updated until now. The blog's content has become large and can serve as a database about Hardcore music on vinyl, tape and CD. We focus on real Hardcore and Punk music from the late 70's through 80's and 90's up until now. And every genre that influences Hardcore, such as Trash, Metal, Grind, Hip Hop, Beat Down music. The tangible music format is preferred.

I post high resolution photo's of the records I have and eloborate them with text. I try to stay as objective and informative as possible. Here and there some personal experiences and opinions are voiced also. You can find discographies complete or incomplete, numbers as amounts of a certain vinyl versions made, collection photo's, etc.

The main content of the blog consists out of the 90's Hardcore period, especially the Belgian scene. Also releases of the American Hardcore label Reaper Records are often discussed.

It's also the objective to make things not only interesting for me but for everybody reading and into collecting records. So I regularly give purchase guiding hints as to where to buy certain new records being released. And I try making things interactive by allowing comments.

I also like to write and share what I think about certain music or lyrics, in the from of reviews.

I hope you enjoy the visit and will be checking back now and then.