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Good Life Recordings

Angel Crew "Another Day Living In Hatred" - grey marbled
Comin Correct “One Scene Unity” – mauve
Culture / Kindred – Brown Testpress
Culture / Kindred – Orange Testpress
Congress “Blackened Persistance” – Blue/black
Congress “Blackened Persistance” – Green/black
Liar “Deathrow Earth” – Thor cover
Poison The Well “Opposite Of December” – Blue/black
Shai Hulud / Another Victim – multicolor
Shorebreak "From The Path Of Survival" - beige vinyl
Skycamefalling “To Forever Embrace The Sun” – clear/pink swirl
Culture “Oath” - White

Soulreaper Records

Aborted “The Purity Of Perversion” - Orange
Misery Index “Overthrow + bonus” - Green
Skinless “Foreshadowing Our Demise” – Red  

Reaper Records

AWOL - Zombie Cover, BLUE Vinyl (/120) + yellow poster (/33) + orange poster (/15)
DOWN TO NOTHING “All My Sons” - Calvin and Hobbes cover /14 (pissing)
FIRE AND ICE “Not Of This Earth” - Sound And Fury 2012 cover /1 BLACK
FIRE AND ICE “Not Of This Earth” - Sound And Fury 2012 cover /29 WHITE
ON “Double Vision” - second press BLACK /600
OUT CROWD “Just Us” - United Blood #/25
SHEER TERROR “Spite” - PINK Record Release sleeve
SUPERTOUCH “Lost My Way” - United blood stamp /20
TAKE OFFENSE “Under The Same Shadow” - Record release sleeve /60
Terror “Life And Death” – black, blank B-side copy (/1)
V/A UNITED BLOOD - Single page cover (cover=insert) /50
WISDOM IN CHAINS “Pocono Ghosts” - RED w/UNITED BLOOD Stamp /20


Abhinanda “s/t” – Genet Records - color
Abhinanda “Senseless” – Genet records – color
Cro-Mags “Age of Quarrel” – Profile Records
District 9 “Schoolahardknox” – Striving For togetherness records - clear
District 9 “Schoolahardknox” – Striving For togetherness records – red
Down To Nothing “Save it for the birds” – Last Anthem Records – tan vinyl
Down To Nothing “Splitting Headache” – Speedowax records - colored vinyl
Earth Crisis “All Out War” – Conviction Records – blue
Earth Crisis “All Out War” – Conviction Records – green
Gorilla Biscuits “Start Today” – Purple
Integrity “Humanity Is The Devil” – red with booklet
Judge “Bringin It Down” – Revelation Records – green
Kickback “Forever War” – Hostile Records
Kickback “No One Gets Out Alive” – Inner Rage records
Leeway “Born To Expire” – Profile Records
Madball “Ball Of Destruction” – relativity Records
Morning Again “Hand Of Hope” – Good Life recordings – black
Morning Again “Martyr” – Good Life recordings – dark red mispress
Profound “Integrity” – Anti-schelski – yellow vinyl
Profound “Integrity” – Crucial response – red vinyl
Reason To Believe “When reason sleeps demons dance” – Nemesis Records
V/A H8000 Hardcore volume 1 – Sober Mind / Genet records – mint green
Warzone “DFTS DFTS” – Caroline/Fist Records         

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